• Alfie's homemade pancakes and special recipe French toast are prepared fresh to order.

    • Alfie's Fruit Pancakes

      two: $6.50
      three: $9.00

      Our fluffy pancakes battered up and grilled with real fruit, and topped with more fruit. Choose from bluberry, walnut, or strawberry with whipped cream

    • Chocolate Chip Cakes

      two cakes: $6.50
      three cakes: $9.00

      Attention chocolate lovers! Hershey chocolate morsels melted in our fluffy golden pancakes with whipped cream.

    • French Toast

      three slices: $6.50
      add fruit: $1.50
      add chocolate chips: $1.50

      Thick Texas-style toast dipped in our special recipe mix with cinnamon and a hint of Vanilla, topped with powdered sugar.

    • Just Pancakes

      two cakes: $5.50
      three cakes: $7.50

      Two fluffy pancakes or three cakes